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Full Version: System Info page not reporting temperatures? P5N7A-VM
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I'm experimenting with making my box quieter, and have pulled the fan off my CPU cooler (Scythe Ninja Mini) as the cooler sits right beside a large 120mm fan anyway. I figured i'd watch the CPU temps and see how they perform.

Unfortunately, I can't read the temperature in XBMC as it doesn't display. All I see for CPU and GPU are "?" where there should be a temperature.

Does anyone have any idea how to go about diagnosing?

My hardware config is in my .sig, if it helps. XBMC Live 8.10.

PS - an interesting observation is that the system info page in XBMC says that my CPU0 is running at 5%, and CPU1 at 95%, while displaying the system info page and doing *nothing* else.