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Full Version: dutch language file
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in my spare time i did some translating... i translated the dutch language xml... i did not test it yet if all words fit, but before i submit it, i will test it...

i have one problem... do i need to adjust the words so it fits in? like the cancel button is translated as annuleren, but that does not fit... i can translate it to stop?

where do i have to submit (i'd rather email it) my file?
yes you should try to keep em short else they will draw off the button/window.

moving to language file forum. Smile
Hallo I am a newcomer.
I was looking at the discussions about language files and translating.
As a start I have downloaded Kodi for windows version 14.2
Can I have the controlpanel in the Dutch language? I cannot find it in the settings. However in programfiles I find in the installation file Dutch in the language files.
Should be in appearance