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Full Version: A bat file to build XPR files...
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i made a bat file to make it easier (imho) to create a xpr file from the media dir. don't know if anyone cares but here it is :p

just make a textfile called buildxpr.bat and copy the folowing into it:

Quote:@echo off

rem ----purpose----
rem create xbmc xpr skin files with a single click
rem ----------------------------------------------

title xbmc build skin xpr script

rem ----config------------------------------------
set tex=xbmctex.exe
rem ----------------------------------------------

if "%1"=="" (goto doh) else (set arg1=%1)
if "%2"=="" (goto remove) else (goto backup)

echo compressing skin files in media dir...
%tex% -input %arg1%\media -output %arg1%\media

echo removing old uncompressed skin files in media dir...
del %arg1%\media\*.jpg /q
del %arg1%\media\*.png /q
del %arg1%\media\*.gif /q
del %arg1%\media\*.bmp /q
goto end

echo compressing skin files to media_xpr\...
call mkdir %arg1%\media_xpr
%tex% -input %arg1%\media -output %arg1%\media_xpr
goto end

echo usage: buildxpr {skinfolder name} ({backup} optional)
echo !warning! if backup is not selected the original skin
echo files (jpg,png,gif,bmp) will be deleted.

echo finished!

edit: ops! it had lots of bugs. removed now. hope no one saw it. v2.0   :lol: