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Full Version: No multithreaded Video decoding on XBMC INTREPID version (in-depth testing)
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I noticed something strange regarding the multireaded decoding on Jaunty. Even if i apply the command for making more balanced core load, i still have poor performance if i have Intel speedstep enabled in bios.

Yes, removing powernowd does not help. I realized that even if i remove powernowd i have the CPU clocked down to 1600Mhz at 80% CPU load ! Sometimes it ocassionaly clocks up the CPU to 2500Mhz, but than it goes down to 1600Mhz with a lot of framedrops.

Only if i turn off EIST and C1 states in BIOS than i have multireaded performance like it was in Hardy.

I think that there is some kind of CPU scaling in the kernel no mater if you use powernowd or not. There was someething new in kernels later than Hardy's that controls cpu clocks. What i don't understand is why it holds back cpu clock so agressively, when we have a lot of framedrops.

Any idea ?
I also am seeing this exact behavior. I removed powernowd and as you said, no difference. I will try turning off EIST and C1 states.
echo 40 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ondemand/up_threshold
fixed this in my htpc
it lower the ondemand scaler threshold from 95% of load to 40%.
I use cpufrequtils. I didn't tested it with powernowd and cpufreqd.

The multithread fix is still needed in karmic? When i play the killa sample i have 2 of 3 core at 80-90% and third core at 15%. Mt is limited to 2 cores or i still need the fix?
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