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Full Version: 2 sites in one scraper
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It is possible to use 2 sites in one scraper?

I wan't to use a main site to search for the movies (and get it's details) but if a movie isn't found there, it should be searched in imdb and get the details in imdb.
sure, that could be pulled off. but not without a lof of c&p currently (i.e. you cannot link to the imdb scraper, you will have to have all expressions inside your). if that is fine; do the movie search in createsearchurl. in getsearchresults, if none is found, chain to a new function that handles the imdb search. in addition you would need something in getdetails to distinguish between the two (something like a regexp that moves stuff conditionally to buffer 5, then the imdb grabbing expressions take buffer 5 as input)