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Full Version: [RELEASE] MythBox for XBMC - a MythTV Front-end Python Script for XBMC
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I have to say nothing in xbmc comes close to the native mythfrontend.
I've recently set up a Raspberry Pi with Raspbmc and MythBox.
I'm a newbie in Raspbmc and MythBox but have used MythTV a while.
- The settings for the MySql-database are tested and ok.
- The license keys for mpeg2 is set
- Live-TV works fine

...but when I try to watch the recordings in the next "Recordings" submenu, I'm stuck with a Error message "Error:on click, Xbmcgui.listitem object at 0xXXXXXXX" where XXXXXXX are different numbers for each recording.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Or an idea about how I can fix it?



MythTV 0.24
I'm just giving mythbox a shot and using Mitch's branch, have managed to get it (mostly) working on my .26 backend
The part that doesn't work is playback. This is what shows up in the logs:
22:06:56 T:140735147520384 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening: myth://mythconverg:[email protected]:6543/recordings/1071_20130804040000.mpg
22:06:56 T:140735147520384 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player):Tongueut MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
22:06:56 T:4510453760 NOTICE: Thread CDVDPlayer start, auto delete: false
22:06:56 T:4510453760 NOTICE: Creating InputStream
22:06:56 T:4510453760 ERROR: GetControl - unable to connect to server on
22:06:56 T:4510453760 ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening [myth://mythconverg:[email protected]:6543/recordings/1071_20130804040000.mpg]
22:06:56 T:4510453760 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
22:06:56 T:4510453760 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() deleting input stream

manually telnetting to port 6543 does get me a connection, so that's not the issue.
This ring a bell with anyone?
Edit: Forgot to mention xbmc is on a mac mini with 10.8 and the backend is mythbuntu.
Looks like pre-Gotham (v13) broke even mitchcapper's branch https://github.com/mitchcapper/mythbox (using v1.1.1). I just built master of xbmc out of git and installed the mythbox add-on (which appears to be mitchcappers branch version).

The add-on launches but all the menu items have odd generic labels, and it freezes when trying to play live TV (even though the PVR Myth add-on works on the same XBMC installation). Anyone having any success? Is mitchcapper still working on this? The cmyth PVR add-on still isn't quite there compared to Mythbox functionality, so I'd like to be able to fallback on it.


Playback of recordings seem to work. The main issue seems to be with the labels. I'll try and fix and send a patch to github.
Here is the pull request that fixes the labels for me (previously I would see "SCRIPT300", now I see "Watch Recordings" etc): https://github.com/mitchcapper/mythbox/pull/1

Now I can playback recordings and generally get around the UI. Live TV is not working for me using MythTV 0.27, I assume that this is because the default myth:// protocol hasn't yet been updated to handle 0.27? (Possibly being superseded by the cmyth PVR add-on?)
Yeah I think this isn't getting a lot of attention now that pvr.* has gone mainstream in xbmc.

Having said that the current stable xbmc doesn't support 0.27 without a bit of finagling, but it is definitely possible, I am watching it now!
Hi all

Looking for any assistance here:

I am trying to install MythBox onto the RASPLEX version of xbmc, so far when I try to install from teh latest zip file I get "Dependencies not met" error message, so I'm guessing that RASPLEX guys removed files that MythBox needs to install.

RASPLEX runs under the Openelec XBMC version.

So I'm am wondering what dependencies are required?

Thanks in advance
Is this even being developed given that pvr works well now?
(2014-02-16, 20:46)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Is this even being developed given that pvr works well now?

What PVR are you using for mythbackend then from xbmc?
I am using the cmyth pvr addon for xbmc and a mythtv 0.27 backend. Is that what you were asking?
with the PVR aspects of XBMC built in now days this python script is null and void. it's not needed. you just have to enable the pvr addon of your choice
Yes its a shame because mythbox was very nice, prettier than the pvr addon.
(2014-03-11, 05:28)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]I am using the cmyth pvr addon for xbmc and a mythtv 0.27 backend. Is that what you were asking?

Does the cmyth addon support recording a series from the front end?
No, I use mythweb for scheduling.

CORRECTION see http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...pid1713598
Yes this addon had a bunch of features that are still missing from the PVR cmyth addon, chiefly the ability to ignore the EDL when playing back recordings. This is important when mythtv gets the commercial location wrong (which happens fairly frequently). There is no way to ignore it using the PVR addon.