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Full Version: XBMC Live - Good choice for non Linux users?
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As per the title; Would you recommend XBMC Live to those people that neither use Linux or have any intention of learning Linux?

I know everyone has different hardware and configurations but would it be a fair assumption to say that at this stage, in order to run XBMC effectively it will require some tweaking at OS level?

One example is that having recently installed Live on a USB drive, I am unable to alter the network settings as they are greyed out. I posted about this issue and the reply (Thanks Snowflake) stated that I needed to edit the /etc/network/interfaces file.

Ok, that I can handle but I've been reading about how to upgrade video drivers since I'm having issues with video tearing and I have to say, I'm not feeling to enthusiastic!Huh
You might actually be happier with a full Ubuntu install if you're going to have to be tweaking drivers and whatnot. I'm no Linux wiz but I'm getting around in Ubuntu pretty good and learning new skillz. Worse comes to worse you don't like it and dump it - it's free!

I think this is a very good question and it deserves some more attention. What is the target audience for XBMC Live? Is it more or less expected that config file editing will be needed for a permanent setup? I am in the same situation as Mr. Birtybasset. I can handle it when needed but I am less than enthusiastic.

However, what we can handle is not the question. I really believe after two weeks use that XBMC is ready for a bigger audience and then it has to be "out of the box" with IR etc plugged in and ready to go.

Is this the case with XBMC Live for permanent use?

I actually managed to miss the existence of XBMC Live until today and I have taken a different approach. I have been reading in the Linux forum about the boot directly into XBMC solutions with no window manager. I see the point of course, but my conclusion was that as a Linux newbie it is convenient to be able to drop out to the standard OS GUI to handle non media center admin tasks and trouble shooting, e.g. wireless and security setup. I am quite surprised that many users with very limited experience take the “minimal” road. I am considering a compromise where I auto start XBMC into twm but with Gnome or Xfce installed and maybe default for a separate admin user.

My trial setup is on top of Gnome and I just found out that I can create a Live CD / Distro from my running setup with Remastersys. This blew me away and I have totally surrendered to Linux. I have only tested as Live CD but if the installer works as good as the rest of the package, this could be away to pre-pack for less experience users.

Have a good one, J
XBMC Live seems to be working well for me.

I have been able to find answer to most of my question with searching the unix/live sections.

Some basic command shell experience is very helpful though.
Target: XBMCLive is for users who wish to either preview XBMC without installing anything or who wish to install XBMC as an appliance with minimal hassle.

If you don't want to use linux and have no intention of learning then no it's not for you. Install windows (remember to buy another licence of windows if this is a 2nd pc) on your HTPC and install the windows version of XBMC and stay happily ignorant of linux.

The advantage of linux is its customizability, if you don't want to tweak stay away from it.

Now on the other hand, take some time install linux and ask questions here (about XBMC) or on the ubuntu forums (for the OS itself). People will only be too glad to help (providing your question hasnt been asked 1000 times and you didnt bother searching 1st). There are several guides here on howto setup and customise ubuntu-xbmc. If you get stuck ASK, don't rant just ask.
Generally speaking if XBMC Live works out of the box on your hardware it's certainly easier to get appliance like set on top box, however if it does not work perfect on your hardware it is certainly more advanced than standard ubuntu install due to the minimality of the OS on XBMC Live.

The target is for users and clearly for users without linux knowledge aswell, however XBMC Live is still new and we still try to sort out kinks so it works on more hardware. So if it doesn't work directly you'll need to be really linux knowledgable.

Main problem is that we rely heavily on the 3D drivers wich at times are in an abysmal state (ATI worst but nvidia is no angel here either). I have seldom had any problems with any of my intel based stuff. (Except G45 not being supported by our drivers until next release).

In the future we hope XBMC Live to be for the ones that just want set top appliance with no fuzz. And hopefully next release will make this more possible.
Next release will have alot more drivers and hw supported out of the box, also update of the OS and XBMC from within the GUI. Also installing plugins and scripts is doable from GUI. So if HW works your unlikely to drop out to terminal.

Summary, try it. If it doesn't work on first try go for ubuntu both are free so all you'll loose is time. Backup data before trying stuff though.