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Full Version: [RELEASE] CBS (Video) Plugin for XBMC - Now with HD Support!
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Streaming 480p, 720p, 1080p or any of the lower res VP6 videos all play great on my ASRock Ion 330 running Ubuntu. It even offloads the H264 HD video to the gpu. mmmmm taste like candy

-added: Proxy support for international users. thanks lkraav
-added: 1080p streaming - thanks mrthundercleese
-added: Settings for Default HD Quality 480p or 720p
-added: Download options for clips streamed over http.
-added: Setting for High Res or Low Res thumbs
-added: Categories for HD videos added.
-added: Episode Information added.

To do:
Bug fixes right now

These shows and show names are taken from the site so when it is updated it works with new shows. Here are the current lists.

Some shows have episodes or just clips. they add new episodes of shows all the time so just browse.

Please Post Feedback.

I am very open to new ideas so if you want an option for something let me know
MacGyver Smile good job
Nice one Bluecop, could you please add it here.


Nice Job!
Nice job, I was going to request this. Now I don't have to. THANKS!!!!
Plays perfectly so long as shows are there Smile Can you make an NBC one too ? Smile
Great job, this is needed for all major networks cant wait for you to add hd ability. Thanks again for your work
XBMCG33K: NBC isn't really needed because their shows are on hulu. take a look at the excellent hulu plugin. hulu is mainly fox/nbc. what is really missing is abc.

I was looking into doing abc streaming but their move media player is annoying. i started disasming their little blackbox dll component in IDA Pro but it uses a packing technique that i haven't got around to cracking yet.

TheBurner: i was working on HD support but ran into some problems with the xbox python. i am trying to solve the problem now. my code runs correctly in IDLE but xbox gives me an error. once i find the problem i will submit a bug report.

I am working on a few other plugins right now so i will try to iron out a better version of this in the next week or so.


I have to say though i haven't done much programming since my high school pascal classes. I am much better at cracking ,hacking, disasming code then i am programming it. So any suggested fixes or patches i more then welcome.

Also a huge thanks to Voinage and his tutorial. It made creating this thing much easier and less intimidating.
just trying to help -- Here's the Mac version of the move media plugin for ABC... in case it's easier to tear into....
Test on XBOX in US... Works Perfect!

Thanks for this great addition!
I tried on linux and it does nothing .. Using latest svn version ... Hulu Plugin works fine though ..
Works here on 12/30 t3ch xbox build. The victoris secret item stays at the main list however - first one i tried No. The rest seem to work fine. Thanks!
Anyone try it on Linux and go it working ?
This CBS plugin does not work with XBMC svn17139 running on ubuntu 8.10.
I couldn't get it working on Xbox with 12-30-2008 release myself.
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