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Full Version: Run XBMC Library + Database as a Service / Daemon - Only want the UPnP Media Server?
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I too would rather use XBMC for the full experiance, but there are instances where I want to stream with UPnP. XBMC has such great scraping capability it adds value over a standard UPnP server. I would to see a way to run XBMC as a daemon.

In the meantime, there are some pretty hacky methods already mentioned.

I have a more elegant approach, but significantly more difficult. Run XBMC with mysql for RDMS then hook up another SQL driven (hopefully mysql) UPnP server. Some sort of minimal ETL process would probably be required, but it could be worth it if XBMC never intends to have a daemon mode.
(2009-01-12, 16:54)dpassent Wrote: [ -> ]Why you need XBMC running in the background? For serving files? What is the scenario?


Here is another scenario which I have not seen mentioned in this thread.

My PC is connected to my Hi-Fi using a standard audio jack cable. I use XBMC to play music, but never control XBMC directly on this PC, I just start it from there. Instead I use XBMC Commander app (an XBMC remote control app) on a Windows tablet to select the music I want to play. I'd like to be able to turn on the computer and not have to login and start XBMC, hence XBMC as a service would be great for me. So far I have not found another alternative.
My scenario is the following:

One HP proliant g7 microserver with movies and series. Using XBMC for scraping and for Upnp. Another computer connected to the tv with hdmi, with another xbmc that plays movies from HP xbmc. In this scenario my body wants the core runing as a daemon on one pc and the gui run on another pc.
Well didn't read the whole thread but since u run xbmc on a windows machine you can easily create a windows service with the srvany.exe tool provided officially by microsoft. It's not the solution you're looking for (the whole xbmc will still be running but hidden as a service) but probably it will work.

Look for info here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/137890
Or an example video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6o1AvZ06zc

Funny as I am using the exact same tool in an addon currently under development.
Developers, I would just like to add my voice to the discussion.

I'm running XBMC on Linux Mint 17 in order to get my media served up to my Samsung TV in my room.

It's been crazy warm here this summer, and I wanted to turn my bedroom spaceheater-esque Windows PC off in the nighttimes to make it a little more comfortable to sleep ... and just serve all my media off my Linux Box that's in another room.

Guys, fact is, I've tried a number of other Linux-based media servers to share media, but they're either buggy on Mint or they're just not feature-rich enough. Bottom line, XBMC is beautifully done. You guys deserve credit overall ... the host of XBMC abilities just astounded me. I don't know if it may be more well-designed than Windows Media Center EVER was.

I just wish upon wish that you guys could server-ize it so that it can run in that way. I know it's not what you guys intended. Still, I know a little about user experience, and to my mind, you guys have created an application that has a frontend that has a crowd pleasing design.

Add the server aspect to it, and I'll be a customer. It outstrips many media servers out there for Linux right now. I challenge anyone to show me something as feature rich.

Please reconsider.

All the best in any case.

I had a similar issue in that I wanted a centralised mySQl database running on my Unraid at home but since I don't have the internet at home, getting dependencies installed etc was going to be a bigger pain in the arse than it was worth.
I scrape all my media at work using Sickbeard for my TV shows and Media Companion for my movie rips and import them into my library using the generated .nfo files (one of the only people using .nfo files for import it seems from what others have said on the forum)

Anyway, I've acquired a Raspberry Pi from work (we had 30 of them for student use) and I've installed Openelec on it.
My media is shared from unraid but the Openelec Pi manages the database and shares it via upnp which is working quite nicely and because it's pretty low power I can leave it running 24/7.
I have installed the Chorus web front end which has a an update video library option on it so I just connect to it from my tablet and set it away updating.
When I get the chance I want to try and get it updating using the info from http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW...te_library so I could maybe have a shortcut on my android phone, click it (when on wifi) and it updates.

I've also installed the Amber skin on my Revo R3600 openelec clients and created new movie and tv shortcuts which connect to the upnp versions.
It works great in that it keeps synced up across the two clients I run although it doesn't update as quickly as I like
For example, I watch an episode of a show or a movie and it doesn't show it's updated watched status until I next reboot the client but it does keep the resume points synced quite nicely across clients which is great.

Maybe the way I've got it rigged up could be a possible solution for others?

(2009-01-12, 16:54)dpassent Wrote: [ -> ]Why you need XBMC running in the background? For serving files? What is the scenario?
We have computers, SmartTVs... most of the time I'm using the "play using..." feature choosing another render.
And we have upnp/dlna mobile apps to browse the media and choose the render device.

So I want to use the Kodi GUI sometimes and sometimes not.
I think it would be a great feature. Even an option like "starts minimized" and a tray icon will be enough on windows.

There is nothing new about it?
Way to bump a five year old post,

You might all be interested in http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=212061
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