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Full Version: Less posters using TheMovieDB scraper, no option to use impawards and movieposterdb?
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I just tried the new default movie scraper. Themoviedb one. It fould all my new movies, so it seems ok.

My problem that you don't seem to have enabled that scraper to use impawards and movieposterdb for posters.

Any special reason for that? Or when do you think it will be added?
Sorry for bump.. but is it only me who recognizes this as a problem?
mindweaver Wrote:Sorry for bump.. but is it only me who recognizes this as a problem?

IMHO its not really a problem.

In order to get a _free_ and independent movie source we (devs+users) should try to add the missing stuff to themoviedb.org instead of scraping it from other sites within the scraper. That said, I personally won't add other site scrapes to the tmdb scraper.
Thank you for your answer Smile All I wanted.

I will just have to help themoviedb.org by adding supplementary posters to all movies that is missing one, or where the one uploaded does not suit me.

Keep up the good work Smile
Hope someone will supply 20.000+ different votes to get an accurate rating as well.
Ehm... new "default" scraper? Why is it not in the scaper directory here...? Just downloaded from ticket, but it does not load any movie informations... Am i missing something? Smile
ehrr. sure it's in the scraper directory as long as your build is up to date.