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Full Version: [LINUX] MicroDVD subtitles don't work in XBMC for Linux?
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I'm trying to watch some videos with external subtitles in microdvd format but they don't play well (not in sync) or they don't play at all with latest svn.

The format is like this:

{1}{200}First subtitle
{300}{500}Second subtitle
{600}{800}Third subtitle
{900}{1100}Fourth subtitle
{1200}{1400}Last one

It works perfect in my old xbox with atlantis 8.10 though...

Anyone else with this problem? :confused2: You can easily reproduce the problem copying the 5 lines above and creating a file with the same name of the video but with extension .srt

Anyone with this problem? I don't know if it is only my setup or that anyone uses subtitle files anymore Big Grin

Please, let me know if it works for you so I can fill a bug report or check my settings...

Found the problem.

Find the patch in the ticket 5750: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/5750
Thanks, that patch fixed using external subs with divx (.avi), but I still have problems playing microdvd subs with mkv video.

I have the subtitle in same directory with the mkv video with same name, but the extension is .sub.

When trying to load the subtitle via menu, video stops playing. Xbmc itself keeps running.

I renamed .sub to .srt, now subs plays ok with mkv too.