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Full Version: How do I link a picture to a button?
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as this is my first post, i would like to begin by saying thank you for creating this project. the creators, skinners, python scripters and anyone else...
this is truly one of the most amazing software i ever came across.

my question is this: i've been doing some minor moding to one of the skins, basically i added buttons for the scripts i regularly use. thanks to the skinning text and the forum posts, i got most of it to work. sadly, i cannot seem to understand one issue:
how do the button specific pictures work? i've been trying to find some link in the home.xml code between a button (say "my programs") and the associated picture but failed. this is becoming like an sat test…

for example: i got a button on the main screen for the email checker. what should i do to have a specific picture appear when this button is marked? how does the s/w "knows" to display the correct picture?
currently the picture of the previous button remains on the display.

thank you.
all the buttons in the home window that have id from 2 to 9 can be associated to images that have ids from 102 to 109.
example button with id2 use th eimage id102, id3 use image id103 and so on.
if you use ids greater the 9 you'll not have a picture.
i was this >< close to seeing that relationship between the image controls and the button controls Smile
i saw the 107 id and the 7 id but thought it was just coincidence...
i will check it lated and report.