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Full Version: which ir receiver to use with logitech harmony
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like others, im in the market for some sort of IR receiver for my harmony remote. It would best if i could at least wake up my pc from hibernate/sleep using the remote - right now I can't even wake it on lan using a magic packet. Anyway, I was thinking of just getting the standard MCE remote with IR, however I saw that someone also mentioned this product http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.as...6880121001 . it states that you can "Power your Media Center PC and / or TV with our remote control". Does this mean power it on and off? If so I why wouldnt the MCE dongle do the same? I thought this was a limitation of using a USB IR controller?
BLKMGK Wrote:the only issue I have noticed is that if I hit the green media button my damned 360 powers up - grr. Other buttons may do things but I usually keep the 360 powered off so I am unsure.

ah yes having this issue as well =\ using xbmc live on a usb stick. using a harmony 520 learned from an MCE remote. anyone know how to fix this ? its quite annoying =)

edit: ok well at least you can change system settings > console > remote to 360 remote only. lose MCE ability with 360 but harmony can be setup for actual 360 remote so all is good =) you can alternatively remap it in lirc.conf on the xbmc end, i think
hey guys i'm searching a ir receiver to add to my windows 7 64-bit pc to send it various keystroke not only to control XBMC but also other program.. can you suggest me something? Thank you! Bye bye
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