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Full Version: The Custom TV Poster thread
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There are alot of TV series out there where the posters frankly suck. Numb3rs and NCIS are 2 I can think of off right away, and there are other where characters have moved on and the posters are dated. CSI for example.

So I thought I'd start a poster thread and see if we could come up with something better.

I'll start the ball rolling with NCIS.

Have you looked through the available posters instead of just the default one that gets grabbed? There is one better than yours and much higher quality for at least NCIS shown here.


Sometimes you need to look through the available posters and choose the one you want.
I understand that mate, its not about the quality in pixels, its not that necersary in XBMC for them to be that huge. I meant just the look of the poster itself, for example the one you posted is a fanart with half peopl eon the edges and a logo added.
The problem is that if people don't have the proper image in the right size then they can't make a quality poster for the site. Quality in pixel size is very important as you get to higher resolution displays. I found some great quality DVD covers for all the seasons but they are all in Spanish.
As the site is wiki based you could easily vote for the default banner, poster and fanart image. If the resulting default image is not your taste you will have to choose it manually.
Why not submitt them to http://www.thetvdb.com/ so it continues to grow and others looking can scrape and find them as well. Wink
One thing I would keep in mind too (if you haven't already thought about it) is where you will be hosting this site from and whether or not you will be able to support the bandwidth that would be necessary to run this sort of site.