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Full Version: question about linux features
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Hi I cant seem to find any info on this in the faQ or online manual

I'm about to replace my old xbox with a self built Linux box but was wondering if XBmc Support extra Screens as it supports LCD's on the xbox using a mod chip

Such as this one in the link


We support lcdproc.
If that display can be driven by the Linux LCDproc software then yeah XBMC can use it.
it's not something to be driven by lcdproc, it's a vga touchscreen
i had some experience with something similar and can say it's not so much 'linux friendly' as there was some problem with the mouse/touch emulation and with my inability to run 1080p on the main screen and something less on the touchscreen
i'd try windows, more than linux Smile
I know these little screens look pretty interesting but are they really very useful? I have one on my HTPC case - a VFD - and I can barely read it Sad This one sounds more interesting because it's bigger and more functional but how would you use it? A serious question! Would you want it showing XBMC menus when the main panel was off? And then shut it down somehow when a movie was playing? Just trying to imagine how to use it is all...
i got one of these cases with large touchscreens (currently not in use at all, as i don't have space for a 16 cm tall case under the tv)... the only use i currently see is for music navigation with tv shut down when attached to an amplifier as, as far as i know, xbmc doesn't support different data sent to different monitors (like video to tv and video info with tv poster to touchscreen, which would be interesting)
i also saw that this touchscreen works with some imon software supporting on(touch)screen menus, but i'm quite dubious as of using it within xbmc
thanks for all your responses I was curious about these Screens as my Missus always winges about the fact she has to turn the TV on to see What music She wants to play on the high fi

I thought it be cool to Set up a plugin or Something that could just list music on the touch Screen (like an ipod) when you switch it on I know it be cool but best of all it would shut her up as I love our media centre and that was her only issue where as my issue is i want to play HD movies hence the move from the xbox

think I might go for windows then Sad but really don't want to