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Full Version: MCE IR Receiver not working after last Ubuntu kernel update
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My MCE IR Receiver is not working since the last .11 ubuntu kernel update (the yellow led is not on during and after boot).
If I however unplug and replug the usb connector, the led goes on and it works again. Does anyone have enough linux knowledge to tell me what the problem could be?
sounds like as if a kernel module is autoloaded for your
ir receiver (which might have been built in in your old kernel).
you could f.e. make a lsmod before and after you re-plug your receiver and look which module got loaded.
alternatively dmesg should show it too.
when you have it you you need to autoload it
from whereever ubuntu autoloads kernelmodules.
maybe in /etc/modules.autoload.d/
Reinstalling Lirc from synaptic fixed this problem for me.