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Full Version: Has anyone tried to get this going on a shuttle DVO?
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Just curious because it looks like the perfect platform.
I'm using XBMC Live USB well on Shuttle SG33G5M. It is basic barebone model of the system you said. I don't have any critical problem. Bundled shuttle MCE remote works well.

I didn't test XBMC Live with it's integrated intel GMA3100 graphics, but I think it may works well. I'm using an ATI HD2600XT card.
I'm using the Shuttle SG33G5 (even more barebones then the Shuttle SG33G5M but almost identical)
The onboard GMA3100 graphics work well in windows vista with xbmc.
The biggest pain with the graphics is if I try to update my powerdvd bluray software then they won't work with powerdvd. But in XBMC they work great.

slightly off topic @epoke
Does the HD2600 work well with your shuttle? what size PS do you have in yours?
matt_cyr Wrote:I'm using the Shuttle SG33G5 (even more slightly off topic @epoke
Does the HD2600 work well with your shuttle? what size PS do you have in yours?

My HD2600XT is a fanless version from Gigabyte. It works good on my shuttle barebone.
Performance of integrated Intel graphic chipset is enough for me. But I need component video output, that is reason why I'm using additional graphic card.
PS means power supply unit? I'm using original 250W PSU. With 1 CPU([email protected]), 4Gb Ram(2GbX2), 1 sata HD, 1 IDE DVD-RW, 1 Graphic card, 1 HDTV Tuner card, 1 memory reader, 4 USB devices, original PSU has no problem yet.
Excellent, I was just wondering if the original Power Supply could hold up to using the HD2600. In case I eventually want to upgrade my system with another graphics card. But for now the onboard is doing just fine and has played all 1080p content I've thrown at it. Just the (potential) bluray problem in the future...
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