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Full Version: Strange problem with the TVDB Scraper
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This is a very weird problem I've started having on my laptop computer that runs XBMC 8.10 Atlantis. The TVDB scraper returns all the right textual information for a show or episode of a show, but no thumbs, posters or fanart. Instead it uniformly returns a white square for all posters & thumbs.

Going to the debug log, I find XBMC trying again & again to retrieve the images from the TVDB servers, without any success. The weirder part is that I can't even access these images from within Firefox (by copying down their addresses on TVDB from the debug log) but I can access them from within Internet Explorer.

Here's a link to the debug log on pastebin which is representative of the error's behaviour. As you can see, XBMC keeps trying to make the connection & retrieve the image file, but can't. Neither can Firefox, but strangely Internet Explorer can. On an identical setup on my desktop PC (sharing the same network & internet connection as the laptop & running the same version of XBMC & scrapers) neither Firefox, IE nor XBMC have any troubles retrieving images from TheTVDB.

Would anyone have any idea what's causing this? From the strange behaviour of the problem it does seem to be something in my laptop's network configuration & so not strictly an XBMC problem, but I'll take any ideas anyone has at all.

Just realised I've accidentally posted this thread in the XBMC Live folder, when it should be in Windows troubleshooting instead. Could a mod move it, please?

OK, seeing all the references to kav in the debug log, I completely disabled my Kaspersky AV/firewall software. This didn't do anything immediately to solve the problem. I still couldn't see the images in Firefox or XBMC. But after five or so minutes I tried again & this time, the images downloaded without a hitch in both. So the problem lies somewhere in Kaspersky's AV or firewall, but damned if I know where right now. Still open to any ideas on that one.

EDIT: Problem solved. I added *images.thetvdb.com* to Kaspersky's anti-banner blocker white-list & the problem disappeared. Is it mentioned anywhere in a FAQ or the Wiki that Kaspersky's default config may cause problems with the TVDB scraper? Sorry if I missed it, if it is.