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Full Version: HOW-TO setup the original Xbox DVD remote the correct way with EventGhost
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(2012-08-17, 00:11)saopaulo Wrote: [ -> ]Thx for your feedback, I will try once again under W7 x64 pro

And just because your guide is very precise and useful, I will update it with screenshots taken with snagit 10, hopefully it will done by next week

Here is a preview :

Hope you get it working... and those screenshots look excellent. I had thought to do the same thing, but was just too lazy! hahaha Big Grin
Sorry huge amount of work lately, I will try to do it next week

ok i got a problem i read ever thing and tried everything can someone help me out ? ok the controller works fine in windows and eventghost up down right left and so on but in xbmc only enter and display work any tips would be appreciated
i made a video showing whats going on i really would like to get this working http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TttuuUtHh0E&feature=plcp any help would be appreciated thank you
(2012-08-14, 19:35)saopaulo Wrote: [ -> ]After several complete re-installation & test I can tell you this :

xbcdrc_x64 will only work with vista or Windows 7 x64 HOME PREMIUM , but will not work with PRO or ULTIMATE versions

Just because the driver is signed for Windows 7 x64 HOME premium, and there is some code missing to have it work with PRO or ULTIMATE versions

I will try to find someone to fix this , if anyone can sign it or know where to have it signed please pm me Nod[/size]

After struggling with the same problem, I finally got my setup working. I downloaded the driver from here (zip version): http://jaymcwhorter.com/xbox-1-remote-co...dows-7-x64

Then I copied the xbcdrc.sys to C:\Windows\system32\drivers and modified the service part of the .inf file to be similar as in the latest xbcd for win 7 x64:

Signature = "$Chicago$"
DriverVer= 09/16/2012, 2.9.0


;Windows XP64/Vista x64

;Wired Controllers
;Xbox Controllers
"XBCD XBox Remote Control Generic"=Install, USB\CLASS_58&SUBCLASS_42        ; Generic Remote Control Class/Subclass
"XBCD XBox Remote Control Microsoft"=Install, USB\Vid_045e&Pid_0284&MI_00        ; Microsoft Remote Control

; Defining XBCD Service
; ---------------------------
AddService = XBCDRC, 0x00000002, XBCDRC_Service,


DisplayName    = %Service_Description%
ServiceBinary = %12%\xbcdrc.sys

; Event Logger Information
; -----------------------
AddReg = XBCD.EventLog.AddReg



DelService = XBCDRC,0x00000002,XBCDRC_Service,
DelReg = XBCD.EventLog.AddReg


;  *******Localizable Strings*******
XBCDP= "XBCD Project"
Service_Description="XBCDRC Kernel Module"
;  *******Non Localizable Strings*******



REG_EXPAND_SZ = 0x00020000
REG_DWORD = 0x00010001

I commented out the old values. Make sure you actually have the .sys file in the drivers folder. I use TeraCopy for file transfers and somehow it doesn't copy files to the drivers folder, so I had to disable it. After having the file in the drivers folder I got past the inf error.

Then I followed the rest of the instructions, enabled test mode, signed the driver and installed the receiver.
(2012-09-18, 17:58)killmoney Wrote: [ -> ]ok i got a problem i read ever thing and tried everything can someone help me out ? ok the controller works fine in windows and eventghost up down right left and so on but in xbmc only enter and display work any tips would be appreciated

You also have to bind the remote events to XBMC actions. I found someones config, works well. Just save as an xml file and open with Eventghost:

hi all, I have an original Xbox 1 IR remote receiver to female USB A.....is it possible that I plug a male to male USB A lead between the receiver and my HTPC to connect it?
(2013-04-26, 20:18)waldo22 Wrote: [ -> ]There are several tutorials now, but this one is quick and simple, and it uses EventGhost, which is recommended by the dev team.

First of all, I am assuming that you know how to connect your original Xbox DVD remote dongle to your USB port on your HTPC. This info is available elsewhere on this forum and on the Internet. Quickest way is an Xbox Controller to USB A Male adapter. (Check eBay...)

1) Download and install the remote drivers from RedCl0ud, version 0.28

(for x64 drivers click here http://www.acidapple.com/veube/xbcdrc_x64.zip - thanks Veube!!! )

This program will install the "XBCD XBox Remote Control" device, but also leave an unknown "USB device" un-installed.

***note: Many have reported better results (with lag, timing, etc) if you disable the "USB device" that is left un-installed under "Other devices" section of device manager (right-click and disable). This may or may not be silly.

2) Download and install the latest Beta of EventGhost (0.3.7.x or later). It now includes the Xbox DVD Remote Control plugin (thanks to jinxdone and Bartman).

3) Download the XBMCrepeat plugin (thanks to jonib!)
This sends the actual remote buttons to XBMC, and works exactly like the remote did with the Xbox! Much better than the "official" XBMC plugin.
You need to create a directory called XBMCRepeat in the plugins dir where you installed EventGhost, and then put both "__init__.py" and "xbmcclient.py" files in it, then (re)start EventGhost.

4) Load EventGhost config. You can use my EventGhost XML config file here:
or here:
(copy text and save as XBMC.xml, copy file to \program files\EventGhost\ and open in EventGhost)
File -> open -> XBMC.xml

You're done! You should now have a working remote that controls XBMC for Windows with no further tweaking.

***Please note that this config file is set to run XBMC for Windows as soon as EventGhost runs.***
Just right-click on the "Start Program: XBMC.exe" action and check the "disable" box to change that.

ADVANCED: (slightly off-topic)
If you want a more seamless experience, do the following:
1) set your desktop background to black
2) edit your registry (start --> run --> regedit)
3) go to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
4) right-click on "Shell" and rename to "FakeShell" or something similar
(so you can restore it later if you wish to)
5) right-click in the right-hand pane and select New -> String Value
6) name it "Shell"
7) double-click Shell and paste the following value (with quotation marks):
"C:\Program Files\EventGhost\EventGhost.exe"
This will start up EventGhost minimized when your computer starts, so you will never even see it, and EventGhost will then start XBMC.

If you restart your computer, it should appear to immediately run XBMC and nothing else.

If you need to run other programs, close XBMC, and press ctrl-shift-esc and run the task manager. Go to File -> New Task (Run...) and type the name of what you want to run.

cmd for the command prompt
regedit to undo the changes we made earlier
firefox to run firefox

Hope you find this useful.

I actually registered just because of this post. Found it VERY useful. Seamless. Bravo! My only question is how go about mapping things such as volume up to '3', Volume Down to '6' and Mute to '9'? I've been looking around the xml file but I'm not really catching on. Is there possibly a way of mapping the Display key (when held for a certain amount of seconds) to bring up the Shut Down and Exit/etc or possibly the Favorites button? I like using the re-Touched skin but it fails to provide support.


I figured out how to map these keys, just wish the 'Suspend' action would work by holding the Display key still.

(2013-04-26, 20:18)cable_guy Wrote: [ -> ]hi all, I have an original Xbox 1 IR remote receiver to female USB A.....is it possible that I plug a male to male USB A lead between the receiver and my HTPC to connect it?

I'm sure you've plugged this in for yourself by now, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem.
Hi Guys,
Just wondering if anyone managed to get this to work on windows 8? I get code 48 "the software for the device has been blocked from starting because it is know to have a problem with windows..."

I have tried a few different drivers and messed a bit with the inf file but no luck.

I can not use it on windows 8, delivery errors, anyone have the driver for windows 8?

I can not use it on windows 8, delivery errors, anyone have the driver for windows 8?

Hi guys, managed to get my original xbox dvd remote work! Step 3 should be removed as it's now redundant and it caused a bit of confusion for newbie like me.

Got the volume up/down and mute actions for remote buttons 3, 6, 9 working by making some changes in eventghost but press and hold does not work for volume up/down. Anyway to make it work?

Also any idea if I could add 2 more actions to the remote buttons say 1 and 4 for scrolling to the top (like home key) and scroll to the end (like end key) during content navigation?
I too received the "A service installation section in this INF is invalid" trying to install the drivers in Win7 x64. Turns out I needed drivers for the Super Joy Box hub itself. I followed these instructions:


Which worked for XBOX controllers. But for the remote I manually copied the xbcdrc_x64 driver files into their proper locations. XBCDRC.inf into c:\windows\inf\ and the xbcdrc.sys into c:\windows\system32\drivers\ according to a post in the thread linked above. Used Driver Signature Signature Enforcer to sign the driver in its new location and plugged the remote's sensor back in. It didn't install properly, so I had to uninstall the XBCD XBox Remote Control Generic device under Human Interface Devices in Device Manager and uninstall the Unknown device under Other devices. Once both were uninstalled, I plugged it in again and skipped searching through Windows Update and it found them in the system.

I actually don't know if the remote itself works yet, though. No AAA batteries. :p

But at least I can plug in controllers. The Hip Gear controller I tried is a bit odd, though. JoystickTest.ahk doesn't recognize left thumbstick and right thumbstick is mapped as buttons instead of an axis.

Anyhoo, hope this helps someone else!

Edit: Ok, I've given up on it. The remote works fine on the xbox and installs fine but the button presses aren't coming through. XBCDRC's Raw Input function couldn't detect it no matter how many times I reinstalled it and reinstalled the 64-bit drivers. I did get at least one controller working right (running the XBCD--not XBCDR--setup utility in admin mode correctly identified the axes) so I'll just use that as the "remote" for now. And my android apps.
In case someone is still having problems with Windows 8, I posted my solution here (didn't find this thread at first):

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