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Full Version: HOW-TO setup the original Xbox DVD remote the correct way with EventGhost
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(2009-02-11, 08:01)waldo22 Wrote: [ -> ]There are several tutorials now, but this one is quick and simple, and it uses EventGhost, which is recommended by the dev team.

First of all, I am assuming that you know how to connect your original Xbox DVD remote dongle to your USB port on your HTPC. This info is available elsewhere on this forum and on the Internet. Quickest way is an Xbox Controller to USB A Male adapter. (Check eBay...)

1) Download and install the remote drivers from RedCl0ud, version 0.28

(for x64 drivers click here http://www.acidapple.com/veube/xbcdrc_x64.zip - thanks Veube!!! )

This program will install the "XBCD XBox Remote Control" device, but also leave an unknown "USB device" un-installed.

***note: Many have reported better results (with lag, timing, etc) if you disable the "USB device" that is left un-installed under "Other devices" section of device manager (right-click and disable). This may or may not be silly. ;)

2) Download and install the latest Beta of EventGhost (0.3.7.x or later). It now includes the Xbox DVD Remote Control plugin (thanks to jinxdone and Bartman).

3) Download the XBMCrepeat plugin (thanks to jonib!)
This sends the actual remote buttons to XBMC, and works exactly like the remote did with the Xbox! Much better than the "official" XBMC plugin.
You need to create a directory called XBMCRepeat in the plugins dir where you installed EventGhost, and then put both "__init__.py" and "xbmcclient.py" files in it, then (re)start EventGhost.

4) Load EventGhost config. You can use my EventGhost XML config file here:
or here:
(copy text and save as XBMC.xml, copy file to \program files\EventGhost\ and open in EventGhost)
File -> open -> XBMC.xml

You're done! You should now have a working remote that controls XBMC for Windows with no further tweaking.

***Please note that this config file is set to run XBMC for Windows as soon as EventGhost runs.***
Just right-click on the "Start Program: XBMC.exe" action and check the "disable" box to change that.

ADVANCED: (slightly off-topic)
If you want a more seamless experience, do the following:
1) set your desktop background to black
2) edit your registry (start --> run --> regedit)
3) go to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
4) right-click on "Shell" and rename to "FakeShell" or something similar
    (so you can restore it later if you wish to)
5) right-click in the right-hand pane and select New -> String Value
6) name it "Shell"
7) double-click Shell and paste the following value (with quotation marks):
"C:\Program Files\EventGhost\EventGhost.exe"
This will start up EventGhost minimized when your computer starts, so you will never even see it, and EventGhost will then start XBMC.

If you restart your computer, it should appear to immediately run XBMC and nothing else.

If you need to run other programs, close XBMC, and press ctrl-shift-esc and run the task manager. Go to File -> New Task (Run...) and type the name of what you want to run.

cmd for the command prompt
regedit to undo the changes we made earlier
firefox to run firefox

Hope you find this useful.

I am Old and having trouble setting up an XBOX remote to work on my PC with Kodi. I think I have done most of what is described, but I am unsure where to find xbmcclient.py
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