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Full Version: Movie Genre - Posters (Release thread)
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--> Nazgulled, I am actually thinking about making Music Genre ones (even though I said earlier that I would not) as well, I would need some reference as to which genres should be made before I decide.. allmusic for instance only lists 20 genres, where as when I let XBMC scrape my album collection I got 66 different genres, and I'm guessing other might have even more genres..

If I do decide to do Music genres I might actually try to do them in The Silhouettes -style, though square shaped obviously.. Wink
Sorry, the first one was for digitalhigh.. I'm not that quick.. Wink
Yeah, which genres to make can be a problem, I'm not sure I'm the best person to help on that field...

But maybe you can do the basic ones, the more common genres and general genres and then try to do more as people request them, if no one needs anything new, don't do anymore, saves you time Smile

But of course, only do genres, not sub genres, like Metal could be dark metal, death metal, nu metal, trash metal, etc... only one suffice. (probably most people is not fan of metal music but it's what I like most and couldn't think of a better example Tongue)

Here's the genres (and associated images) that iTunes 8 has by default:
Some of them I don't think how they classify as "music genre", but... And it doesn't have a metal one, bah, iTunes sucks lol. There's also a group on flickr where people make and post more "covers" for other genres.
It feels like I should be starting yet another thread, see if there's others who would want this as well, and maybe which genres to make first.. Nonetheless I am going to focus on the TV Genres today.. Smile
Didn't notice the thread title, yeah, maybe it's better... I just edited my previous post if you haven't seen it.
I just noticed the edit.. LOL.. se post (#59)

No worries with the thread title, my threads seem to have a life of their own anyway.. (my Game Posters -thread ventured of to include Emulator Posters as well..)

Regardless of iTunes sucky-ness it is a very good reference.. the visual style is a bit too all over the place for my taste..
TV Show genre images should be great.

Great job on the movie ones, btw.
Well thank you. Look forward to the TV Show Genres being released later today (probably) as thetvdb only has the following genres

Action and Adventure
Game Show
Home and Garden
Special Interest
Talk Show

Most of those I can re-use from the Movie Genre (I'm a firm believer in silhouette recognition and two different silhouettes (Movie vs. TV) shouldn't have the same meaning). Not to worry though as I'm making sure that simply by looking at one genre poster you will be able to tell if it's a movie genre or a tv one.. Smile
The Silhouettes TV Shows are available to all you needy bastards! Wink
Preview ___

The difference is in the silver (movies) and sepia (tv shows) color?
Basically yes, also of course some genres that are "unique" to TV Shows have new silhouettes.. You sound disappointed? Would you have preferred some other difference..?
No, no disappointed... Smile Just to make sure that was the difference that's all.

I really like your design style, it looks great I just think somethings missing, dunno why... Maybe it's just me and the fact that I haven't yet installed this on my system to check it out with my own eyes.

But not disappointed, keep up the good work.
Thank you for the clarification.. Smile I tried several different styles first, including slapping on a tv symbol in a corner.. they all looked wrong and/or lacking something.. then "accidentally" applied the colour variation to the already existing texture.. and it just felt right...

Try it out in all it's glory and after that, by all means, I'm all for creative criticism so if something comes to mind don't hesitate to share..

In the spirit of sharing.. the idea revolves a little around the notion of "the silver screen" being associated with movies.. and well, tv needed to be a little different and then I remembered once seeing a old tv where everything had a bit of brown/dirty washed look to it, probably due to the tv malfunctioning or something.. but enough ramblings for now.. Big Grin
I'll test it out when I have time to organize my library... I haven't got the time to do that yet :/
sorry if i just oversaw it, but where do i put the genre poster für tv shows? the movie genre posters are in /xbmc/skins/aeon stark/media/moviegenre...

or better the question, when i put the tv show jpg's into the moviegenre folder, i have the problem that for example both the tv-show and the movie genre poster of drama is named drama.jpg... do i have to create another folder for the tv show posters?
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