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Full Version: Universal skinsystem for XBOX apps and dashes
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how many of you haven't tried to download and port different skins over different applications? or perhaps just tried to create your own skins for all of the applications? i would like to see a standardisation similar to xport's applications for all the xbox software! and the feature to change one skin on all applications! i think, that this would make the xbox feel like a media/game center rather than a computer! share your opinions!
this is nearly impossibel.
every application has it's own programmer, features and skins.
you need hundreds of graphics and characteristics for menus, settings, games, ...
if you want an universal gui, try to make a skin for xbmc first.
um you didn't include an option along the lines of:

"don't be stupid this is an impossibility"
nothing is impossible with opensource! sure, it'd take long time before perfection and alot of work would be needed - but hey, it's possible. teamwork is the keyword we're looking for here. Smile
lol ok another question since you seem to think open source is relevant. exactly how many of all these apps and emulators your talking about are open source?

don't you realise that the vast majority aren't? that's stops it happening right there.
it isn't possible in practice