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Full Version: skin-fonts not in the right place in Symbol 1.3
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just have symbol 1.3 inatalled(great skin btw!!!Wink

it supposed to looke like this...

my skin looks like this...

what went wrong??
you running on ntsc by any chance?

don't think kotix has provided an ntsc adjustment folder.

there needs to be an ntsc folder with a "references.xml" folder which basically re adjusts the positions of the icons and fonts so that they all stay in their correct positions (pal has 576 horizontal lines to play with while ntsc has only 480 hence the misalignment)

a quick fix till someone (maybe kotix) adds this, is to switch your video mode to pal (with the enigmah videomode switcher) although bear in mind that while most european based pal tv's seem to be able to cope with an ntsc signal, the converse isn't necessarily true (us tvs don't seem to fair too well, especially if they relatively old), if it can't handle it, you may end up having a garbled / rolling screen- my advice to you if you are running xbmc as your main dash, convert the contents of video mode switcher to an xiso (using craxtion or qwix) burn it to a disc. you will be confronted with the switch disc interface which basically gives you the option to switch the mode to pal by pressing "a" and ntsc by pressing "b" ( it may be the other way round).

set it to pal- reboot the xbox and remove the disc, if it has worked then fine yoour tv supports pal and you can run the xbox in pal mode till someone adds the ntsc folder, if not put the disc back in the drive restart your xbox switch the mode back by pressing the other button (e.g. if you pressed "a" to switch to pal, press "b" to switch back to ntsc) and reboot and then your xbox will be back to ntsc mode, and you will have to wait till the ntsc support is added

well that the strange part. im having a european console (im from holland)so im having a pal system,like kotix (hes from italy right?). i did not change it to ntsc.(as far as i know)
in settings i can only choose ntsc 4:3 or 6:19,whatever skin im using.(which i think is strange because there is no ntsc folder in symbol 1.3)does that mean im using ntsc?
(dunno if it has something to do with it but some time ago the pal60 settings in msdash just 'disappeared')

know something must be wrong.im using the same sytem as kotix i think (i even bought my box in italy!Wink

some more info about my box
nitroxx chip
evox installed(former dash)
xbmc as my current dash
hope someone can explaine it to me.

thanks in advance
yes joepmeloen, you are right i'm from italy and i'm using a pal tv, it really looks like you are using a ntsc settings and tv.
i've tested my skin on a small 7'' 16/9 lcd screen and it doesn't look like yours, it just look a little wider.
i'm going to try out the ntsc mode on my tv even if i remember that it doesn't work.
anyway please recheck what eprom setting you are using.
ok i've changed my xbox in ntsc, i can see it on tv in black and white, and the overscan is terrible but i see the same problem that you have.
so for all the ntsc users please try this solution:
make a new "ntsc" folder in the "symbol" folder, copy and paste in it the home.xml from the pal folder, edit the home.xml and delete this:
from the first image control (it's the size of the background.png).
i don't know if the overscan will be right but at least you should not have wrong button positions.another possibilty is to set the <height> to (if i'm correct) 480.
please let me know if i'm right and if there are any other windows that need to be corrected.
im almost sure now im running ntsc.my system info says ntsc 4:3.really weird. dunno how this could happen. im gonna do my best to change it to pal -yes,just so i can use your skin proper Cool -

could someone explain to me how it was changed to ntsc? maby something with the bios?

thx for the comment.
ps-->>kotix i really like your skin..think it will be highly appreciated if you make a ntsc version.!
yeah, i've had the same problem

does anyone know whether [xbmc skinner] will support the ability to create skins for different resolutions of pal and ntcs?
i only have access to 480 ntcs, and would love to have that ability
kotix id tried it. fonts are in place now but settings button is out of the screen.strange part is that in the settings option there are only 2 options ntsc 16:9 or 4:3. when select ntsc16:9 it uses the pal settings.when selecting the 4:3 it uses the ntsc setting (the one i just made) is that just because it only reconise the ntsc folders when the box is in ntsc videomode?

ps changing the height to 480 doesnt affect anything for me.

well try to make also a ntsc16x9 folder with the same home.xml in it.
and please tell me the result.
then i suppose that the settings buttons are out of the screen because you have a pal tv adjusted to ntsc but it's not a real ntsc, causing an overscan.
as i said i'm not sure of this, it's better if somebody with ntsc tv can confirm it.
oke made a ntsc16x9 folder.copied all the files and changed the home.xml-->>height to 480. result:nothing
-->>deleting the width and height result: fonts are in place but alot of overscan. way to much overscan.

thus the same as when i made a ntsc folder with these changes.

sorry for the late reaction but i was flashing my chip firts to latest x2 bios. now im gonna trie to change my box back to pal. how do that btw?
you need the "enigmah videomode switchdisc" it's a prog that let you change the tv mode by pressing a for pal or b for ntsc.
look in usual places.
ooow yeaaahhh.that works great!.everything works great now.it all fits.thanx for helping me out guys.
sorry i cant be more helpfull on the ntsc issue kotix.keep up the good work

thx and greatz joep
i'm happy for you too!! enjoy it!
cheers. :thumbsup:
i just installed xbmc 10-7 and also the new symbol with cdripping fix. bur now the webradio seems not to work anymore. is it the skin or is it just me.(im doing stupid things sometimes)
check if you still have the kml script, maybe you have deleted it.
also be sure that in the strings.xml of your language there is the webradio string at the id9.
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