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Full Version: MC360 Take One?
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Why is this subforum called "MC360 take one skin (and mods for/of it)."?

Is there something planned for MC360, like a new version?
*fingers crossed* multiplatform version?
Maybe they are making a skin like this: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=45768
yeah thats "probably" what it means Big Grin
Maybe I should stop persuing my skin then? I don't wanna step on any toes ...
XBMCG33K Wrote:Maybe I should stop persuing my skin then? I don't wanna step on any toes ...

Oh don't be silly Tongue do as you wish. I did not mean anything by that at all in regards to anyones efforts on anything. keep up the good work and don't get side tracked
I think it would be so cool if MC360 was modified out the wazoo so it would perfectly fit with any of the XBMC versions on HTPC. It's just SO much work, but then again it was a ungodly amount of effort to make MC360 "Take One".

Boy am I anxious to see whats coming.
You know the funny thing is I agree with you I always liked the blades and animations that mc360 had (better than the current 360 dash). I even decided to do something about it a few months ago Nod
How are you gonna do that to me!?
Now I am gonna have to change my pants.Sad
That is pretty much exactly what I had thought/hoped was gonna happen. I can't wait for Take Two.

Happy Happy Happy, me so happy!AngryLaughBig Grin
hehe btw this actually has no reason as to why the forum is named take 1 Tongue I still have no idea why its named that but I assume its like XBMCG33k said that MS have redisgned the 360 so this is take 1
Well the planets and stars have aligned as a result we will have a new MC360.

This isn't a team bb skin is it?
Is this all your work?
Is it still called MC360?

It looks REALLY nice! I am nearly speechless.
Nah its just a me in my spare time redoing it
Basically Its not going to be like the original and be true to the original 360 design I'm just taking the concept of blades pages and animations and making it how I see fit so don't expect a total remake

Oh BTW don't could on "soon" either
I see that this is definitely not a remake of the 360 skin. Inspired-by type of work. It is elegant and updated and not limited like MC360 in the way that this skin wont look and feel like a replica. I am REALLY feeling this one.
I don't know what you meant exactly by that last sentence. If you mean it will be a while then I can wait, I don't ever wanna make someone feel rushed to give even more to the community.

This skin does look truly amazing.
Very nice indeed. Looking forward to it. Did you already commit anything?
nah it wont be going into the regular mc360 svn it will be classed as a new skin with a different name
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