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Full Version: How to start in window mode / RemoteBuddy and fullscreen problem
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I'd like to use the combination of EyeTV and XBMC on the Mac (OS X Tiger). To switch between them I use Remote Buddy, which can display an on screen menu with actions so that I can open EyeTV or XBMC.

As others in this forum said there is one blocker: if XBMC is in fullscreen, the on screen menu of Remote Buddy is not displayed because XBMC is the "topmost" application - the menu of Remote Buddy is behind it.

To workaround that problem I would like to run XBMC windowed. But when I start XBMC, it always starts in fullscreen.

And I cannot press CMD+F since I only have a remote and no keyboard :-)

So question is: how can I start XBMC in window mode?
settings -> appearance -> screen -> resolution, pick your windowed size.

test resolution to make it change.
I found that, but it does not work. It changes the resolution of the window when I'm in windowed mode. But after closing and restarting XBMC it's in fullscreen again.
settings -> appearance -> screen -> resolution, select AUTO.
From the home screen, click on System, then System (on the left side in the following screen), then Video Output (on the left side in the following screen), and Display Mode. Click the arrows until you get to Windowed.