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Full Version: Collaborative Translation of XBMC Language Files on Launchpad or similar online tool?
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Great! I'll have a look at different tools from other projects.
1 year later..
not happening after all?
It took a long time, but now I'm working on a platform to make it easier to translate XBMC.

It can be used to translate xbmc & add-ons, all translations are centralized, which makes it easier to work together with multiple translators.
Hi sebak.
Thanks for investing your time on this. I'm the Portuguese translator and really think that a proper method to translations has to be found.
Current method of downloading files, translating and publishing diff for old files or new files for new translations is madness.

I say madness because add-ons resulted on hundreds of files that need translation. I can deal with translations on the hundreds... What I _can't_ deal is remembering all the gits, svns and looking every day to add-ons mailing list for updates and checkout if new strings exist.

We really need a new method for translations. Something along the lines of:

1 - Get all translators (Portuguese in my case) 'official/available' translators registered on the site/tool adopted

2 - Maybe adopting the method of anyone can collaborate on translations but only the language translation responsible can review and approve the correct translation to be committed by devs on svn, git, whatever

3 - Files created/updated in need of translation (usually English strings.xml is the one created/updated first) trigger an automatic 'call on translators' to update/create translation

4 - Get _all_ add-on developers on board such a solution, properly maintaining a 'translate convention' and translatable files database for ease of use and maximum efficiency on translations

Seriously, guys!
It's not funny to translate things, send patches to add-ons mailing list or trac only to realize your translation is outdated because the add-on developer added/remove/changed a string. Not my Friday night first choice, really.

One case that happened a couple days ago: my Portuguese scrapers translation on xbmc trunk were synced with dharma-pre git on sourceforge. Not a problem, right? Wrong! Some of the translations on git were older than the translations present on xbmc trunk.
Result? A few translations were lost on xbmc trunk...
Not funny...

Please, we need to get to a consensus on a solution.

Instead of reinventing the wheel you should rather focus on:

1) detokenize xbmc
2) removing duplicates

Then the transition to gettext can be made and rosetta (launchpad), which can already do everything hudo mentioned, can be used.
I really don't care about the final solution, whether it's a new one or something already existing.

What I do care about is the current state of things. It's frustrating and can lead to new translators rapidly realizing that they are going to find a real mess with files all over the place.
Old translators are used to the current method. Only problem is that the new add-ons system really exposed a serious lack: a centralized database of translatable files and files translated/in need of translation.

ventech Wrote:Instead of reinventing the wheel you should rather focus on:

1) detokenize xbmc
2) removing duplicates

Then the transition to gettext can be made and rosetta (launchpad), which can already do everything hudo mentioned, can be used.
I know, I looked into that, but I didn't really like it.

A custom system allows for greater control. Also, it's easier to incorporate add-ons. What I had in mind would allow everybody to add their add-ons to be translated (or fetch them from svn).
have a clone of the addon repo; then everyone add their addons to be translated. So what 'greater control' is it that you need exactly?
Also, lets not forget launchpad already have a huge database of translated strings it will use. You cant match that..
Hmmm. Maybe we can add a xml language support for Transifex and use it in xbmc server? Transifex use python language. I suggest to check this program.

Supported language files.
Transifex website
LOL. Yea no progress. But they will do it Smile

Just in case I am going to add other thread here:
OK I open a ticket for this. Lets see.
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