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Full Version: Exclude path from library updates doesnt work
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First: Details
Kubuntu 8.04.2 Fully up to date as March 26 2009
XBMC SVN PPA Ver 18942 (Compiled Mar 26 2009)
Mediastream Ver 1.00 & PMIII HD (in case that matters)

I cannot get the exclude folder from library updates to work. I have some movies listed as so


So i browse to Moives/MovieTitle and select Set Content. I say exclude folder from Library updates and click ok. I then switch over to the library and remove the offending movie, and then select update library. The movie is then scanned back into the library. I have tried this on a few different folders, and i have tried to even set the content to None (which didnt work cuz the root folder is set to scan recursively and changed the setting back to movie). I dunno if i have missed something or what

Any Thoughts? If you need a log file please let me know

works perfect for me. we definitely need a debug log
Alright here is the log!


So i have the following folders set to exclude on the server, because i have a local copy on the machine that is HD.

Afro Samurai Resurrection
The Dark Knight
Lord of the Rings (all 3)
Saw 1-3
Southland Tales.

Now..i have it set to update Videos db on start, and it looks like (to me anyway...could be wrong) it searches those excluded directories first. I dunno, just the way the log looks lol

Bump and new info

I have updated to the latest SVN PPA of XBMC (r19085) and problem still exists for me. I have uploaded a new debug log to the following location:


It doesnt make sense that it works for you and not for me. I checked and they were still all marked as exclude after i did the update.

Any help is appreciated

Created ticket http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/6236 for this issue.