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Full Version: Skip key stops video
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I've been having a look for this problem on the forums, but have had no luck yet. I'm sure it must be a known issue so I'm prepared to be beaten to death now...

Here's my problem: both with the PPA, and with r18567 which I am currently running, when I hit the skip button (either on my remote or using mouse/keyboard), it stops the movie. I don't get a crash though, it's just the same as hitting stop. See my sig for hardware specs.

Skip used to work on previous versions no problem. I've compiled without pulseaudio (in case that's implicated), but see nothing out of the ordinary in the logs.

Anyone have any ideas?
BLKMGK Wrote:http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=34655

Hm. I think I'm compliant with the "how to post a problem" guidelines here, with the exception of the "full debug log" which I'll pastebin just as soon as I work out how to do that.

Bumping meanwhile as I can't believe I'm the only person to be experience this.

One other thing to add: it doesn't seem to be dependent on the container or codec as far as I can tell.
Mine did the before but my cause was for compressed rar files. But this was a long time ago. Now everything I have is extracted and I have no problems.
I've seen this behavior, but iirc only on a .mkv with chapter markers. Is this the case for you?

The log is probably going to have some clues as to WTF is going on - without it there's nothing but guesses really....
OK here's the log

It happens consistently on all types of video, with or without chapter markers, regardless of being in compressed archive format or not. Not tried on a DVD though.

I've got xbmc 8.10 (svn 16164) on my Ubuntu Hardy desktop (my HTPC is running Hardy), and exactly the same thing's happening there too. Different hardware though. Maybe it's an Ubuntu thing?
There's your clue:

14:11:41 T:3053524832 M:1703284736 DEBUG: OnMessage : To XBMC.PlayerControl(Next)

Are you sure you didn't mess with Lirc config files? It seems its trying to play the next file in a playlist, and founding none, obviously exits.
Ah haaa. Didn't see that. I'm not using lirc, but at least this gives me a clue.

Is this is a skin problem? I'm using PM3.HD - when I bring up the OSD in full screen video (the cross-shaped control), and navigate to the "skip" icon on that, I get the problem I describe. Using the shortcut keys on the remote (L, R, up, down) work fine to skip though.

How do I fix that? Is that in Keymap.xml?
I don't think so. It appears the skin just calls the wrong function. You can change the skin, though.
papaf Wrote:I don't think so. It appears the skin just calls the wrong function. You can change the skin, though.

Yes, just changed the skin and all is fine.

So - I'm off to report a possible bug in the default skin for xbmc. Very odd that nobody's spotted it before now though. Perhaps everyone just uses shortcut keys rather than the GUI for stuff like skipping?