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Full Version: Question: Playin original audio CDs
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If I playing an original audio CD (songs as cda-files on the CD), the songs played not in orginal order because in the playlist settings the shuffle is on for my mp3 playlists.

My question:
Is it possible to switch of the shuffle mode for the dvd device, so that all CDs played with the DVD drive played in original song order and the mp3 playlists in shuffle mode??

Thanks for your help
Just switch shuffled state as you require - it's available from the now playing screen, as well as from anywhere the skin may wish to provide it (eg PM3 has it on the mini OSD).

Thanks for your answer Jonathan,

I use the PM3.HD skin. In this skin in the mini-osd I donĀ“t found the possibility to change the shuffle mode.

But I found a possibility in the keymap to open directly the playlist
and set it to the home area.

So it possible for me to change the shuffle mode.

Thanks for your help