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Full Version: skipping video locks up system
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I am 3 hours new to ubuntu so please be gentle!!!

I am running a P4 3Ghz 2G ram, this mc was running windows media center until the psu blew up. I decided to try ubuntu (8.10) since it seems to be the de facto OS.

I have Nvidia 8600GT PCIe with 1.77.82 driver.

I have one big problem and one less so.....main problem is that when I run a video, if I hit skip (sometimes once or sometimes 3 or 4 times) the entire system locks up, and I have to do a hard reboot. I am enclosing the log, which seems to have a few errors in it.


second issue is that I can not install skins.... the only place I can find the folder XBMC/skin is in USR dir and I do not have permission to edit this... I note from user guide I should have a /.xbmc/skin folder but I do not!
fixed second issue, folder was hidden! Huh

also just found it is not just skipping but stop/pause.