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Full Version: 24p Playback Sync.
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I've been waiting a while to build my low-cost XBMC box, but I was waiting until the 24p sync issues have been sorted out. I noticed that quite a few amazing advancements have taken place lately, with auto res switching and GPU acceleration.

I was curious what the success rate is with 24p sync? A few months ago I found the consensus to be that audio/video sync at 23.976 fps was slightly unstable.

Has anyone locked in perfect 24p video on a true 24p display? This is one of the killer features for those with high end LCD or plasma displays.

I am thinking of putting the following box together:
Nvidia 9300 IGP/MB : $75
Intel E5200 CPU : $70
2 GB Ram : $30
CF Flash SATA , 8GB : 18$

This should make a pretty solid Linux/XBMC node.
What motherboard is that exactly? Does it have an HDMI port? If not you may want to spend a little more and get one that has one so you can do HDMI audio.
no, its not possible to run 24hz with audio in sync, you have to manually adjust it.