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Full Version: Picture view and slideshow - extremely slow transition
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Hi All,

I have the latest stable XBMC installed from PPA on Ubuntu Intrepid. When entering the Pictures list the framerate drops to 2 - 3 FPS. The transition between any 2 pictures in full screen is extremely slow - both during a slideshow and by manually advancing - and the transition effect is displayed frame by frame.

I tried installing a more recent version from SVN (binaries from the team-intrepid-svn PPA) and found the same behavior. I had to revert back to the stable version - the SVN one was crashing when trying to play HD content.

Everything else works fine - HD/SD or music playing. I have an Intel Quad 9400 on Asus P5E-VM HDMI with integrated Intel X3500 graphics (using the vga output).

Any suggestions ?

Many thanks.
Anyone with Intel integrated graphics having the same issue ?

I think I've seen it on a laptop with Intel graphics hardware. The intel open source driver does not fully support OpenGL which is used by the picture transition software. We have to wait for a better graphics driver.