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Full Version: Can fanart be setup similar to Aeon?
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Hey all,

I love this skin but the only thing currently holding me back from using it is that there is a generic background as I rotate through movies/TV shows in showcase mode. In Aeon, I the fanart appears as I cycle through each selection.

Is there a way to duplicate this behavior in Horizonz?


Yes, it's a standard option that comes with this skin.
Look in the Horizonz menu, it's under backgrounds.
Great, thank you both.
I just tried it and it is not doing what I hoped. I suspect I was not clear in my original question.

The Horizonz/Features setting you can select whether to use fan art. However, fan art only appears after a pause not when I immediate switch movies (in showcase layout).

The Horizonz/Backgrounds option allows me to select a static background or a folder to rotate backgrounds (that won't necessarily have anything to do with the movie, just random pictures.

What I am looking for is instant fan art switching as I switch movies instead of waiting until after I pause.

I appreciate any help,

I'm guessing there might be a delay that was put in an XML and maybe that delay can be changed from 3000 or 5000 ms to something like 1 or 0, but I don't know where that would be.
If you select Iron Man in the movies list, you want it to show Iron Man fanart, for example?
That is correct. And I want to see it the moment I switch to the movie. Essentially whatever generic background is configured would never show except when fanart does not exist.
Short answer is NO as far as I know...I posted this same issue when Horizon IV first came out but thus far have not found a solution. There was a solution when using Version 3 which is posted here and works GREAT:


I ended up reverting back to V3 as I felt it ruined the experience. If it ever gets fixed in V4 then I'll update again.
If the fanart of that movie has to appear immediately when it's selected it becomes impossible to browse your collection.
It was actually a feature request of mine and it makes it more pleasant to scroll through the collection.
I would like the same thing if its possible, I have a pretty beefy HTPC so even if it had to pre-cache the next 5-10 fanarts etc (im not a coder so not sure how hard that is Smile )