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Full Version: MusicDB Some entries added not correct
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Rev19353 Windows PM3.HD
Settings Music: Fetch album and artist uncheck, Enable tag reading check.

I add a new album Sting - Duetos to my library.

The songs are tagged as:
Artist: Sting
Title: Sting & Annie Lennox - We'll Be Together

Filename: 03 - Sting - Sting & Annie Lennox - We'll Be Together.mp3

After the album is added to the library it shows in the artist section Sting & Annie Lennox as artist but I don´t know why. The correct entry is Sting for the artist.

I check the tags with two different tools

The database one example music file and the debug log as

I hope someone can tell me where the problem is.

Thanks for your help
It has the BAND tag (album artist) set to Sting & Annie Lennox.

Use a real tagging app - foobar2000 is IMO the best out there.
Hello Jonathan,
thanks for your hint.

I change the taggs hours and hours with mediamonkey but I don´t see the Album Artist.

I change the taggs with Foobar2000 and it works correct.

Thank you very much