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Full Version: 720p mkv files buffering and no VDPAU ?
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Okay. some problems. I have played alotta regular divx and xvid movies
just fine with no problems.

So i wanted to test some 720p movies. I got two mkv files
wich is 720p both. When i try to play them xbmc just stop playback and buffers all the time. It's more or less impossible to watch these movies.

I have tried with all different combos of VDPAU on, software, GLSL, ARB and autodetect. No difference what i select, same problem. Either no difference if i try HQ software upscaling off/on or different methods of upscaling.

Enabling/disabling vsync doesent do anything.

So i wonder does VDPAU work ? i have a complete log file of
a session where i tried to playback a mkv file here:


When i inspect my log file i find this:
19:30:11 T:3051874112 M:3377733632  NOTICE: Using GL_TEXTURE_2D
19:30:11 T:3051874112 M:3377733632   DEBUG: GL: Requested render method: 4
19:30:11 T:3051874112 M:3377733632  NOTICE: GL: Shaders support not present, falling back to SW mode
19:30:11 T:3051874112 M:3377733632  NOTICE: GL: NPOT texture support detected

Seems like hardware shaders/VDPAU is not working but i can select it from the video player menu...

System info:
XBMC 9.04-alpha1 r19336 (Compiled Apr 8 2009)
Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid
Linux 2.6.27-7-generic

Geforce Quadro FX 1500 onboard
Open GL version 2.1

Any hints to what can be wrong ?
I'm a little lost Smile
Possibly your video card isn't good enough?
It can be that simple tslayer Smile

My current nvidia driver is:
NVIDIA dlloader X Driver 185.19

Nvidia Quadro FX1500 isn't that old so im suprised if it doesent
support it. Gonna do some googling to find out Smile

Is there some special settings to do in xorg.conf btw ?
Your video card most likely does not support VDPAU!

In fact, not even close to supporting it hehe

Only Geforce 8xxx and later series *may* support it.
¤#%¤#%¤# damn Smile

Right you are !

argh... but then i have a side question.. reason why these mkv files want play
is only because my lame fx1500 card and nothing can be done software wise to be able to play these files stutter free ? Smile

Damn... then i have to use money on a new htc pc with a solid state disk, geforce that has cuda support the whole big bang Smile
Ya, my guess is your vid card just doesn't cut it. Sorry Sad
Good news is you can get a VDPAU-compatible card for pocket change, unless you're a starving student like me. Then you'd have to skip a few Happy Meals.
well money aint hte big problem. My student days was over many years ago Smile

However im currently running my mediacenter on a HP worsktation
laptop with onboard quadro fx 1500 Smile

I've been thinking about building myself a dedicated htc pc so
i guess time is closing in on that project.

I found a passivly cooled geforce 9500 card with cuda support.
Now i need to hunt for a completely passive htc pc sollution Wink
Or atleast as close as i get.