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Full Version: HD played over Samba stops after a while
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I don't have all the details you're gonna request right away, but I'll post anyway and answer as soon as possible. Here's my setup:

Ubuntu 8.10, up-to-date nvidia drivers (180 something), on a Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H and a core 2 duo E4300 with 2 GB of RAM

Connected through ethernet to a Linksys router

Media files repository
My own PC, currently running windows seven beta 1. I have been streaming media files like this for over 3 years, even though obviously not using win7 Smile

I'm using samba between both.

My movies stop playing after about 10 minutes (11:30 give or take 30 seconds, actually). The picture freezes for about 10 seconds, and I usually end up on the media library. Sometimes it starts playing again, but it usually just quits). Playback is usually fine before that.

I've tried accessing SMB files in two ways:
- share mounted using smbmount
- built-in smb support through SMB://...

Thinking about some idle-timeout, i've added a 5 minutes crontab that lists the files over smb, didn't make a difference. Also changed the samba idle timeout (I think) on windows using regedit, no difference either.

Would anyone have an idea of what i can look into ?

Thanks a bunch in advance !

Try list (from IRC):
- check windows & linux firewall
- try playing from linux with another player
same here.. 10/100mbit, xbmc stops playing after about 10 minutes.. network share on xp machine.

XP <-> XP

Are you using latest svn?

fyi: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...ba+timeout
I ended up switching to linux with a mini-install from SVN, and it plays perfectly now.