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Full Version: New mac mini dual head
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I thinking of buying a new mac mini to use as a normal mac as well as a media center at the same time. I would plug the mini to a tv through the mini displayPort (with an adapter) and to a regular computer screen with the dvi output. Then I would configure the osx to use both screens at different resolutions, being the primary display the computer screen and the tv as secondary. XBMC would run at full screen in the secondary display.

Do you people think this is feasible? If so, what are the memory and cpu consumption of XBMC when idle on a new mac mini?

Any advise / idea / comment?
This setup works fine for me. mini-DVI -> HDMI and DisplayPort to VGA. I run XBMC fullscreen on the LCD television hooked up to the mini-DVI connector.
Its what I am doing and its fine. Put 4 gigs in.