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Full Version: [RELEASE] GameTrailers (Video) Plugin
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Video plugin to stream content from GameTrailers.com.

Install from my repository (dandar3-xbmc-addons):

  • v1.3 (Saturday, 18 December 2010):
    - website changes (All menu affected) - thanks to daledude;

  • v1.2 (Saturday, 20 November 2010):
    - website changes (HD playback and GTTV affected);
    - add HD overlay icons;

  • v1.1 (Sunday, 12 September 2010):
    - Reviews section access error;

  • v1.0 (Saturday, 31 July 2010) :
    - initial release;
Thanks works great =)
Thanks so much. I've been longing for this for awhile now. Much appreciated.

edit: Well, I've tried it out and everything plays great. For the next release I'd like to request the ability to browse the channels on the left of GT's main page, especially Screwattack. Thanks again.
Thanks, tested a couple trailers/reviews and it works just fine, has all the videos on the GT page. Much appreciated since I can't get the GTHD plugin to work (get a script error when loading up the categories/anything but the podcasts - that happen for anyone else?)
thanks guys, you're all welcome :-)

I found it doesn't play GameTrailers TV episodes, video player choice works fine on Xbox (can't do much about the other platforms), the video format (flv, mov, wmv) works fairly well, except for a couple of entries, must look for a way to check that when loading the video page and fallback to flash, couple of small performance problems which I can probably correct, a big one in Top Media, downloading parsing that 750 KB web page takes about 20-23 seconds on Xbox, I don't know if I can improve that much, other than that the user in me as as happy as you guys :-)

@ phoenx97
I've quickly tried GameTrailersHD last night and I've noticed it was crashing on XBMC 9.04, might have another look in detail and see if I can suggest a fix to the owners.

thanks for feedback, I'll try and do ScrewAttack first.
@riegersn made updated vesion GTHD(0.9) for boxee peps. Its working on xbmc also. someone suggest a update to @riegersn? SVN repo have old version(0.5)
there you go my good man, see v1.1
Dan Dare Wrote:@louiedog
there you go my good man, see v1.1

Sweet, thanks!
Python script failed

I haven't changed anything in my setup since I last used this, so I'm guessing they changed something on the site?
I believe the website stucture may have changed, I will look into it, please remind me in a few days if I don't get back to you.
Apparently wasn't a big change, try version 1.2.
Dan Dare Wrote:Apparently wasn't a big change, try version 1.2.

Wow, that was fast. Thanks a lot for keeping this going.
No problem louie, good think you let me know, I have actually noticed it the other day, and I was putting off for the weekend - enjoy!

I downloaded the files here but neither your Installer or Gametrailers scripts work on XBMC for Windows 9.04. I do get:

Python script failed
Have you extracted them in the correct locations? The installer is a program plugin, you need to extract the zip in %APPDATA%\XBMC\plugins\programs\, while GameTrailers is a video plugin, that goes in %APPDATA%\XBMC\plugins\video\.

If you did all that, upload your %APPDATA%\XBMC\xbmc.log at http://pastebin.com and post the link here.
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