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Full Version: export Library question
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Im having a problem with my export library. I just recently got all my movies into their own folders. I reimported them in xbmc. All my movies come in fine from my external harddrive. But I want to export library so that all the information the scrappers find export to each movie folder. So I goto export library, it tells me to point to a directory to export. My drobo(ext hd) is nowhere to be found to export my library to. I was told you have to options to export a library(not sure of the names) but 1 option to export to a single file or export multiple files. So anyway, why does xbmc see my drobo with no problem when I import my movies, but cannot export the info out to the folders the movies are in.
you have to choose separate files. then it won't ask for a path.

if you are asked to choose a folder that is for the single file export (i.e. mostly for debugging).
i dont ever get an option for seperate files. it just goes straight to the option to choose one folder to export to.
then you version is too old, install the new alpha/beta
actually i dont know what im talking about, i was used to running on an apple tv, with atlantis as my latest version. i havent even looked into how to do updates running xbmc on a mini
spiff, should this feature be in the babylon release
nevermind, found it