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Full Version: xbmc + jaunty + xboxdrv (userspace) + xbox360 wired controller
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is anyone else using an xbox360 controller (wired or non) and xboxdrv userspace driver?

have you noticed problems with your axis triggers lately? -- strange behaviour etc?

for instance, say i want to scroll down normally i hold down right trigger (RT), however now I have to hold both triggers giving more weight to the direction i want to scroll in.

in my keymap file the triggers limit is +1 and i've defined deadspace using the xboxdrv driver.

if no one else is experiencing this, i wonder if a) its my controller or b) its jaunty.
bobb0 Wrote:have you noticed problems with your axis triggers lately? -- strange behaviour etc?
Have you tested your controller outside of xmbc with jstest or with evtest? Anything suspicious there?
i did actually, it looked normal to me.

i've dropped the controller a few times lately, but on carpet and i'm pretty sure they're designed to withstand that.. Smile plus, if it were strictly controller i'd see it in jstest...

i think i'm going to reformat and go back to hardy anyway.... bleeding edge is not great for stability Wink
i am assuming (an easy assumption) that you are the author of the userspace driver, to which i must offer a humble thank you.

i hate the out-of-the-box xpad driver... so much... xboxdrv is fantastic!
i've noticed that XBMC button mappting is = xboxdrv +1 (ie button 0 is button 1) i guess axis might be handled the same way, however i find it extraordinary that i reverted back to my working xboxdrv Keymap.xml and its still an issue.
I am having the same issues with my 360 Wireless controller. Right trigger works fine but as soon as the Left trigger is pressed both triggers stop working and the analog sticks no longer work either.

I just updated to 0.4.8 Released on July 30th hoping this may solve the issues, but they still exist.

I am using 9.04 as well.
I gave up a long time ago and went back to Intrepid Ibex (8.10)

8.10 caveats:
- If you use HDMI Audio, you need to manually upgrade ALSA drivers.
- <i'll add more here if i think of any>

Edit: ooh, I did not notice that Grumbel released new drivers... yay!! can't wait to compile them Smile
Are the triggers/Analog sticks / buttons all working like they should with 8.10?
I'm also wondering this question. xboxdrv + live is awesome, except for the issue where using the shoulder buttons causes all the analog stuff to stop working properly! Sad


UPDATE : I downloaded the Hardy (8.04) version of XBMC live, ran the xboxdrv version I compiled previously (with the single library it needs from libboost added via LD_LIBRARY_PATH) and I can confirm that xboxdrv works properly with the XBMC available there by default. I tried to update to recentish hardy XBMC via PPA but met with failure. Will try to compile my own standalone mode xbmc for hardy on the box tomorrow and will see what happens! If modern XBMC + hardy or intrepid works but jaunty does not, then we know it's not in xboxdrv or XBMC.. but in jaunty somewhere?

UPDATE : I have no idea what crack I was smoking to go back to Hardy... ? I have an Intrepid install and it works as well, with svn22097 and the same binary I compiled on jaunty.. only jaunty + xboxdrv does not work, currently..

UPDATE: I eventually figured this out and created a package to help others deal with it, which you can read about here - http://www.xbmc.org/forum/showthread.php?t=57304.
At the beginning - sorry for digging up such old post.

I'm running XBMC on Ubuntu 10.10. As controller got MadCatz MicroCon (visible as MadCatz Lynx Wireless Controller in OS), an excellent wireless clone of Xbox Controller S. I'm using xpad driver, and got exactly the same issue as described here. But I found where the problem is.

Xpad maps triggers to two independent axes. And the "zero" point of them is in the middle of pressure they can take, going down to 32767 when pressed to -32767 when released. You can e.g:

<axis limit="+1" id=3">VolumeDown</axis>
<axis limit="-1" id=3">VolumeUp</axis>

but obviously in this case after releasing left trigger it will raise volume up infinitely. The easiest solution could be to callibrate axes someway, but jscal seems to do nothing with xbmc Sad Other solution can be an option to set ignored ranges of selected axis.