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Full Version: Can anyone recommend a sound card?
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Noob here, so I apologize if this is a common theme. I searched but couldn't find what I was looking for. I would like to know if anyone could recommend a quality sound card which supports digital (DTS, DD, etc...) for cheap. I just got my first frontend up and running. My specs are an old (crapy) Dell mobo (E210882 i think), 9400gt, 4 gig ram, etc... running on ubuntu 8.10 (minimal). I have PDVAU working and it is running very well.

My graphics card has an HDMI port and I was hoping to use the audio pass though. Unfortunately even though my mobo has HD audio (i think... it has analog mini plugs for all speaker sets) I don't think it has a spdif plug for pass though. From what I have read it seems that HDMI audio passthough has not been perfected yet, as many posts claim that this is still a pain and not outputting sound correctly. Which card would you recommend? Someday I would like to get HDMI audio pass through working, so a card which supports that would be ideal. Sorry if this post is long, or if my assumptions on HDMI audio not working well. Again, I am new to this all so I appreciate your patients.
Hello...I'm a noob too. You may get more responses if you post this in the correct forum and prior to asking your question do a search to see what other members have experienced.

Good luck with your setup.