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Full Version: ps3 Remote Questions
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I am currently trying to switch my system from windows to linux and am having a issue with my remote.

in windows I use the app Ps3remote and have it set up pretty well.

in Linux, however, it seems to have very few of the buttons assigned to what i would like, and was wondering if anyone had a button map figured out for this or if there is a way to find out what it's sending to the eventclient.

I tried displayremotecodes in advancedsettings.xml but i didn't see anything (hoping the wiki was out of date on the xbox only bit..)

the other thing i would like to know is if there is a way to run ps3d.py as root in ubuntu automatically. the wiki is VERY lean on info here.

Thanks in advance
add this to /etc/rc.local

ps3d.py &