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Full Version: TV Show Thumbs for Multiplex (Wide Poster "FanArt with Logos")
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As we're all just getting started with making these it might be nice to use this thread to let others known when you've added one for a show so we don't have to keep checking every show on thetvdb for updates. We're all jumping to get our libraries updated for this new view so having one thread to share updates should move things along quicker.

The idea is to upload new thumbs to thetvdb.com as fanart, at normal fanart resolution. TheTVDB is going to implement the ability to flag these "fanarts with logos" sometime so we can integrate into XBMC.

How To Use:
Grab the image you want and save it as folder.jpg in the show's folder. Then, when you go into the TV show's info in XBMC and hit "thumb" to pick the thumbnail, the image will show up as local thumb at the bottom of the list.

FernFerret's talks with thetvdb.com crew will open the way for XBMC to link in and display specific fanarts as remote thumbs, like it does banners and posters right now. It will require an update to thetvdb.com (which they're willing to do it seems), and an update to XBMC's code (which shouldn't be much), so for now the best way is to just add them as folder.jpg.

Guidelines for making thumbs:
16:9 ratio (same as normal fanart), 720p or larger. Text/logo should be easy to read when in Multiplex view (remember scales down to ~300x200ish). Good examples: 1, 2, 3. Upload to http://thetvdb.com and share!

Note keep the image under 500k, thetvdb will lie to you and not actually save your image if you don't.

When uploading to thetvdb make sure you pick Series Name: Included from the dropdown.

Thumbs So Far:
(compiled from all users posting to thetvdb.com up to page 33 post 322)
24 (2)
24 (3)
7 Days
7th Heaven
A Bit Of Fry And Laurie
Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Afro Samurai
Alias (2)
Alias (3)
Allo! Allo!
American Dad
America's Next Top Model
Andy Richter Controls the Universe
Arrested Development
Ask A Ninja
Azumanga Daioh
Batman (1960s)
Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond (2)
Batman the Animated Series
Batman the Animated Series (2)
Battles BC
Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica (2)
Battlestar Galactica (3)
Beauty & the Geek
Being Human
Better Off Ted
Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory (2)
Big Bang Theory (3)
Bill Engvall Show
Black Lagoon
Black Lagoon (2)
Bones (2)
Breaking Bad
Buffy (2)
Bully & Rick
Bus Gamer
Caprica (2)
Captain N: The Game Master
Celebrity Rehab
Celebrity Rehab (2)
Chappelle's Show
Chuck (2)
Chuck (3)
City Hunter
Cold Case
Cowboy Bebop
Creature Comforts
Crime Traveller
CSI: Miami
CSI: Miami (2)
CSI: Miami (3)
CSI: New York
Curb Your Enthusiasm

List getting too long, continued in post #4 and #6...
Heres a very simple one for A Bit Of Fry And Laurie
Thank you guys so much, excellent!

What are you guys doing about season thumbs? My family guy collection had an awesome collection of standard thumbs, but I was thinking, since AEON auto lables the thumbs season X, maybe just taking the series thumb with a color hue?

Also, I haven't looked yet, mainly because i'm lazy, but is there an easy scraper mod to add fanart to the thumb scraper list?

Looking great so far!!!

Just a question, though, these are the show thumbs now? I mean to say, are they now instead of posters/banners? This will be the new standard?

If so, should i make them at 1280x720, or 1920x1080?
Thumbs So Far (continued from above):

Macross Plus
Macross Zero
Mad Men
Miami Vice
Monk (2)
Monkey Dust
Mr. Bean
My Name Is Earl
My Name Is Earl (2)
National Geographic Documentaries
New Amsterdam
Nip Tuck
No Heroics
Only Fools And Horses
Pinky & The Brain
Pirates of Dark Water
Planet Earth BBC
Prison Break
Prison Break (2)
Prison Break (3)
Pushing Daisies
Quantum Leap
Red Dwarf
Red Dwarf (2)
Red Dwarf (3)
Red Dwarf (4)
Red Dwarf (5)
Red Dwarf (6)
Rescue me
Ruddy Hell It's Harry And Paul
Samantha Who
Samantha Who (2)
Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor (2)
Sarah Connor (3)
Saturday Night Live
Saturday Night Live (2)
Schmidt & Pocher
Serial Experiments Lain
Six Feet Under
Six Feet Under (2)
Son of the Beach
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG-1
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Enterprise
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Super Mario World
Supernatural (2)
Supernatural (3)
Survivors (2008)
Tales From The Crypt
Teen Titans
That's My Bush!
The 4400
The A-Team
The Apprentice
The Boondocks
The Inbetweeners
The Inbetweeners (2)
The IT Crowd
The King Of Queens
The L Word
The Legend of Neil
The Legend of the Seeker
The Legend of Zelda
The Mentalist
The O.C.
The Office
The Office (UK)
The Office (UK) (2)
The Simpsons
he Sopranos
The Tudors
The Ultimate Fighter
The Unit
The Venture Bros.
The Wire
Time Warp
Top Gear
Transformers: Animated
True Blood
Trust Me
Trust Me (2)
Two and a Half Men
Ugly Betty
Vehicle Force Voltron
Voltron: Defender of the Universe
Witch Hunter Robin
Wolf's Rain
parrots Wrote:I've mainly been making mine at 720p.

Here is one I modified for Drive, the FOX show.

And Better Off Ted
Better Off Ted

FernFerret Wrote:What are you guys doing about season thumbs?

They should be easier because there's normally quite a few fanarts that are season specific. Just look at the ones for 24 for instance and you'll the characters from certain seasons in them.
Ah good call, i forgot fanart could be season specific.

I just updated to the latest release on git. The poster I use at the moment are basically just cut off at the top and bottom. So maybe the effort should be to create poster images which have the important information in the center instead of creating fanart with the name of the series in it. Fanart isn't displayed in the lower band anyway but posters are and they can be changed from within XBMC.
Thanks for all the ones you have made guys, but on my screen they are slightly cut off at the left and right sides, noticable on the house one as it is cutting off the box around the H. Just cos i am using a 22" 16:10 screen rather than a 16:9 tv?
I'm getting the same problem with a 24" 16:10 monitor.
That issue is known. All the images are cut off on a 16:10 monitor (which most new computer screens use) but it doesn't seem like it's easy to fix.
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