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Full Version: Adult movies in IMDb scraper? Logon to your imdb.com user account in XBMC to access?
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Adult movies don't show up in the IMDB scraper because they are excluded from the search results unless you're logged in and have a date of birth set.

Here's one example (disclaimer: Judging by the description and plot keywords I won't be watching this with my girlfriend or family)


The simplest solution would be if IMDB allow users to turn off the filtering settings from the search URL. If this isn't possible, is it technically possible to somehow log in in the scraper settings page and then save the cookie before searching for titles?
Finally, if there is no other option then using Google to search for a title on the IMDB site would also work, but this will miss obscure titles.
Sub directory scraper settings will override their parent's. Just set the offending movies to use a different one.
Would username/password be technically possible through the settings page, or will it mean hacking some C++? I don't mind doing it if it isn't too hard
depends on how the login works. if its a cookie and a normal form it would work just fine