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Full Version: trac broken?
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Is trac bust at the moment? I can't comment on ticket http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/6403
After logging in successfully and entering a comment in the box, both 'preview' and 'submit changes' give the error:
Quote:Trac Error

Invalid action "view"
Confirmed. I poked vdrfan about it.
Was it something I said?
Blasted thing still doesn't work for me, even after logout/login.
It may be my elevated status, let's see what vdrfan comes up with.
yeah I logged in with a "normal" user account to check it.
preview worked for me on that ticket, didn't actually submitt tho...
Still an issue?
vdrfan Wrote:Still an issue?

Yes, for me at least. I even get the same error on preview as well.
Should be fixed. Something changed while adding the new action 'unassign'. Please report back if its working for you again.
Yes, it's OK now Nod
I don't want to create new thread. Trac Zip Arhive download not working.

That's intentional. We don't want badly behaved bots (that ignore robots.txt) downloading every conceivable version of archive of every changeset like they were - puts too much stress on the server.

Will chat with vdrfan about whether it's possible to allow this for logged in users.
OK. Its not problem. I can (we can) download tarball from sourceforge svn repo anyway...
Yeah, downloads were disabled due to high load. Some really stupid bots were fetching every single revision in ALL available formats.