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Full Version: [MOD] New Weather Icons Mod
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zosky Wrote:Bob___ did you create these or Huh

I'm animating them for MediaStream_Redux_Mod
and would like to give props where props are due


could you share any PSD files ?

could you please give the name of each gif animation ?

Jezz_X Wrote:I know this is old but since it got bumped and I never replied I would be happy to change the default weather icons to these. but we have to get the original authors permission before it will even be considered

Did you ever get permission, or find the owner?
The download link for these icons is dead. Does anyone have a live link?
Hi Guys...

Does anyone have the OP's icon pack? If so, can you pls. re-up it to a share so I can grab it?

Pretty please Smile

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