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Full Version: "1601" appearing in various fields of the TV Libaray
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ermm, it has, in Swedish
well, he's not requesting the swedish lang....
So its not falling back to english just because it cannot decipher the nfo?
In other words, it the nfo contained:

Even though the scraper was set to english, would it not work then?
it's deciphering the nfo just fine. it's a url nfo. it uses the url, but we will use whatever lang the scraper is set to. *if i got around to adding that bit*

edit: no i didn't. in that case the fix would be to add the info to the english section for now
So the debug info is itsy bitsy misleading?
Sure it's not an xml file, but Smile

And maybe we need a ticket for the language stuff?

But does this have anything to do with the original problem?
Bring out the debug logs.
what's misleading? it tells me it didn't detect a mixed nfo since it couldn't find any xml in there.
22:05:51 T:4248 M:1100369920   DEBUG: Not a proper xml nfo file (Error document empty., col 0, row 0)
22:05:51 T:4248 M:1100038144   DEBUG: -- nfo-scraper: tvdb.xml
22:05:51 T:4248 M:1100038144   DEBUG: -- nfo url: http://www.thetvdb.com/api/1D62F2F90030C444/series/73545
I am not going to chase that one, all I am saying it could say it found a valid url.
But please go back to my last post, I edited it a bit while you were replying.
ticket, sure. name it 'load scraper settings before checking for url nfos'.

the original issue is that we get empty results in fields we rely on being filled. such as the show and episode titles
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