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Full Version: Config Files
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I have been reading and looking around for the actual config files for XBMC.
Is it an xml file or? And where is it located?

Specifically, I want to move the .avi extension to the music section so I can run music videos using the music library as a launcher.

At the moment whenever I add a music video, it ends up showing up in the Movies section because XBMC sees the .avi extension as a movie (which it is), but, I think changing it to the Music library, it will then show up there which is more appropriate.

Any ideas?
If you are using the library functions, then they will show in the music library as well as the video library (but you need to add them from the video files view - confusing, I know).

If you aren't, then you need to add the extension to the <musicextensions> tag in advancedsettings.xml

This is a file you need to construct yourself. See the online manual for the specifics. Basically:

1. It's a text file called "advancedsettings.xml"
2. It's placed in your Userdata folder.
3. You have to remember the main <advancedsettings> root tag.

Let us know if you have problems - the debug log will inform you if it's been read correctly.