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Full Version: No "settings"
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I am running Babylon Alpha on aTV 2.3 using Launcher 3.0.

Yesterday I tried adding Aeon Lite, http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid...=Aeon+lite First I installed the build from 5/3/09. I played with that for a while removing some options from the home screen like games and videos. All I left were Movies, TV Shows, and Settings. After some time I realized that there was a newer build right below it on the post so I installed that in a folder called Aeon 2. When I switched over to it the only options on the Home screen are "Movies" and "TV Shows." There is no option for Settings" so there is no way to change back to MediaStream. What file do I have to change to switch it back to MediaStream.
userdata/guisettings.xml. just wipe the <lookandfeel><skin> block t will return to the default pm3.hd
Thanks Spiff