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Full Version: How do you get XBMC to pick up changes to .NFO files?
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I'm running 9.04 with Aeon Auriga and I can't seem to get it to pick up changes to .nfo files without removing the item from the library, then running an update library to get it back in with the new info.

The same happens if I change the folder.jpg in my TV shows folders.

I thought just running an update library would pick up the changes. I don't want to have to remove all my items if I make changes to loads of .nfo files.

Is there a way to do thisHuh

Ahh just noticed that 'Reload' does it for a individual movie, which is great if I only change 1. But still not sure how to reload the info for lots at once.
Delete the db, reason being this.
Ok thanks. Hopefully a better system will in place in the future Smile